Atrinia  -  The Dictionary on the Fly
Atrinia is a dictionary on the fly between three languages:
English <=> Indonesian <=> Japanese <=> English

Just open any website with Atrinia.
You will then find all the words in the website turn into interesting objects whenever you move your mouse cursor over them. A tiny box will show up, provide you with the meaning of the word in its pair language.

Now, move your cursor to the [÷] mark at the top-right of the tiny box.
A menu will appear, ready to serve you more !
Opening the 'Reference' menu, you will see something that is somewhat familiar to you. Yes! You can find the reference of each word in those websites with just a few movement and clicks of your mouse.

If you know more about the word, click the 'Edit' menu. There you can share your knowledge about the word with other people.

online visual thesaurus : Bahasa Indonesia Flash Thesaurus
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